Sunday, February 9, 2014

Olympics Sap-O-Meter from 2008 - Slate Magazine

We all know that, come Olympics time, NBC goes way overboard with the heartwarming tales of diseases conquered, hardship overcome, and human spirits uplifted. Yet there's never been a tool to determine, scientifically, just how saccharine NBC's coverage really is. Until now. Welcome to Slate's Olympics Sap-o-Meter!
Here's how it works. After slogging through Olympic broadcasts of yore, we drew up a list of 33 syrupy words that NBC has chronically overused: adversitybattledcancer,challengescouragecrydeathdedicationdeterminationdreamemotionglory,goldenhardshipheartheroinspirationinspirejourneymagicmemorymiracle,mommotherOlympic-sizedovercomepassionproudsacrificespirittearstragedy,triumph. While these 33 words are by no means an unabridged collection of schmaltzy nouns, adjectives, and verbs, they're a good sampling of NBC's bathos. Think of them as t

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