Saturday, September 15, 2012

How much do you really miss the 'good old days' of journalism?

Office of the Yukon Sun, the northernmost British newspaper in the British Empire, Dawson, Yukon, early 20th century


Anonymous said...

I do miss being able to sit down and physically hold a paper in my hand, being able to turn through the pages, and not have to squint at a LED computer screen! However, I think that modern day journalism gets news to it's readers faster and more efficiently. If there is an error, within minutes or hours it can be fixed where as before, it would have to wait till the next edition.

Anonymous said...

We can still get hard copy, of course, and supplement it with the web site - or vice versa. It is true that online brings great immediacy, and that's valuable - as long as somewhere down the line someone pulls the snippets together into a coherent substantive story. Can't argue with the notion online makes corrections quick and easy - but it also makes it easy to *erase* your errors and pretend they never happened.

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