Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A USF J grad is a key player. A USF prof is an original investor.

We have reached out to Chloe Schildhause. Please come talk to our class, we said.


Decades is a magazine covering food, fashion, gore and intellectualism. Decades is for the reader who enjoys watching reruns of Welcome Back Kotter and has a morbid curiosity.  For those who enjoy in-depth reported features and appreciates fashion and the arts. For those who love to cook lavish meals while donning Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto (or fashioning their own versions of haute couture by piling on every piece of black clothing they can find in their closet. Fire hazard be damned). And for those who have a fascination with the beautiful, bizarre and unsightly.
Our first issue is The Beet Stain Issue, which we will distribute at independent bookshops throughout San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. There are three main features: the history of Disco in New York, the story of a modern-day Witch, and an article on the science and adult use of breast milk.
We also publish shorter features, travel notes, poetry, art and photos. The BS Issue will include an essay on why cupcakes are obscene, an interview and a recipe from San Francisco chef Brandon Jew, an illustrated tool-kit guide to philosophy, a chola’s guide to San Francisco, a photo collage of life in Israel, and photographer Olivia Coffey’s portraits of a hoarder. 
Issue one will also features two fashion editorials. One: A Beet Stain fashion spread, in which a glamorous woman is in her kitchen, devouring beets in agony.  The image embodies the Decades message by blending a beautiful woman in a gorgeous outfit, with the delicious root vegetable of beets. The beets take a morbid turn when they are squeezed and falling out of her mouth as if it were human flesh. Two: A goth inspired shoot staring artist Quintessa Matragna.
All together Decades is 60 pages of wonderful writing, photography, and art, printed on thick high quality newsprint. A treasure to hold and present on your coffee table.

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