Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Class Assignment for Today

English: Advertisement for Yarrow Shipbuilders...
English: Advertisement for Yarrow Shipbuilders in Brassey's Naval Annual 1923, mentioning the S class destroyer HMS Tyrian, Tigris gunboats and shallow draft steamers, built by Yarrow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
First exercise: First half hour. Last class ended thinking about doing a pitch to would-be advertisers. Talk about that, gradually sketching out your ideas. (Since this is a draft, acknowledge areas in which you disagree.) Make sure at the end of your draft you point out how your publication will be unlike the competition.  Then, when that is done, each of you take a piece of paper and head it, “The (name of pub) reader is….” Describe your ideal reader.  Pass them around and read and discuss and tweak as necessary.  Appoint someone to write these on board.

Second exercise: Second half hour: Each of you play assignment editor. Conceive of a story to be assigned to a talented freelancer for your prototype. I want basic idea and basic approach. Include instructions on how you want the story written. That is, give your writer guidelines so she/he won’t be wasting anyone’s time. Pass around and discuss. Turn in.

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