Monday, January 26, 2015

A Magazine Dies

English: The Twelve Apostles (not the cows, th...
English: The Twelve Apostles (not the cows, the stone circle behind them!) There is a story about how a farmer was rebuked for removing one of the stones... But the farmer answered that it was only Judas that had been removed... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Modern Farmer tries to find a niche and make money for its investor. This hard to do.

New York Observer says:

Last spring, the publication was the talk of the National Magazine Awards after it won the best magazine section award for its how-to guide....

But ultimately, the magazine’s downfall is being framed in the same way as its success was back when it was a darling of the New York media world.

“I don’t want to speak ill of the dying, but what is the plausible audience in such a magazine?” author and editor Kurt Anderson told The New York Times today. “It was too kind of nitty-gritty and old-fashioned, back-to-the-land hippie magazine for the food-farm porn market, and yet too ‘What about the dairy situation in the Philippines?’ for people who are really raising chickens for a living.”
Both the success and failure of Modern Farmer demonstrate that while an unlikely product makes for a good narrative, it is still a difficult sell. And all the praise and publicity in the world can’t change that.

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